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In the apparel designing or fashion field,  graphics tee shirt plays the vital role to cover the body. So that from all of the dresses we cannot forget the importance and presence of design t shirt. However it may be tight fit or loss fit and may be a top. So that as the time passing gradually the graphics tee increase the beauty of design t shirt. Now as the graphics look good as well as shirt looks good.

Now in this article we talk in details about, How to design t shirt completely. What principle should adopt to make attractive shirt. However we also look, how to take in-depth inspirations to brainstorm the design. Also learn, how many types of shirt can be design with respect to graphics. Hence we never forget to talk about how a design t shirt design becomes more viral and high cost. After reading complete article and video description tutorial you will get enough knowledge how to start design t shirt business.

1. How to design t shirt

Hence before starting I just quote a true words “if you learn then it’s easy and if you don’t then a very simple thing would be so difficult”. So just follow these steps to design any shirt. And every steps described in details.

– Firstly Create project
-Secondly Inspirations
– Thirdly Organize inspirations
-After that Thumbnail sketching
-Create basic shape
-Type the writing
-Organize the typing in design
-Refine complete design
-Sizing the graphics
-Select the pantone color
-Setting up spec sheet
-Sending up to print

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