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Do you need graphics designing services for your brand, printable products or merchandise products. So we are here to help you with our creative service section to make your brand

“Need logo for your brand…need brand identity or need any high color contrast then we are to help you to make your logo eye catching”


Explore Custom logo design service 

Wassy apparels design business logos for clothing companies as well as other business logos. wassy apparels team prepare both kind of logos effectively. 

Wassy apparels design logos with all styles like word style, letter style, universal style, abstract style, minimalist style, emblem style, mascot style and many other style. But we chose style with respect to customer demand as well industry demand.

We provide unlimited revision with logo design order. We give time for 5 days to check logo and get any revision if needed free of cost.

It depends upon the package that you choose. Normally we cover all kind of tasks with in 7 working days.

Yes, we provide 3d mockup view with any type of logo.

Depends what offer you select.

We provide PNG as well as JPEG format we offer source file with respect to package that you choose.

Yes, we provide high resolution as well as low resolution files with all logos design packages.

We provide multi sizes with brand identity as well as all logo packages.

Yes, we provide full commercial rights. You can sell it to others.



Custom logo design service in 3-Steps

Submit your request and describe your requirements
You tell us what you need

Submit your request and describe your requirements

Before that we get back with quote and you have to pay before start
We start working over it

Before that we get back with quote and you have to pay before start

You get full copy rights and ready to use it
You get amazing return

You get full copy rights and ready to use it

Quality custom logo design service with key members

Vision to produce quality products with international standards

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RANS MAHEProduct designer

Vision to integrate product quality with customers need

Wassy Apparels Favicon Icon
LIAM SUESSProduct developer

Vision to produce quality graphics

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WILLIAMSGraphics designer

Produce mind mapped artwork

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LUCASArt designer

Produce Eye catching 3d mock ups

Wassy Apparels Favicon Icon
MASONS3D Mockup Designer

Produce Quality tech packs for quality products

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EITHAMSTech pack designer

Produce Exact cut and sew patterns

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OliviaDigital sewing pattern designer

Create custom print ready design for printing and 3d personalized tool kits

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EMMAPrint templates designer

Produce 3D clothing models for personalized 3d tool kits of websites

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AVAVirtual CLO 3D clothing models designer

Produce Eye catching Highly demanded Sportswear kits

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SOPHIASportswear kit designer



Tips to get better custom logo design service

Contrast for custom logo design service

(Chose effective color contrast. If background is light then logo should be dark and vice versa. Tip: don’t chose such a contrast that hide or fade your design.


( However logo should be align with respect to art board (Should be at center) and should be align with respect to logo shape to logo word. Exact alignment provides best
positioning to logo.



Hence there should be balance repetition of any logo elements.




Spacing for custom logo design service

( So that there should be Balance of design to space ratio. If a logo contain two designs then spacing between them should be enough that a normal human eye can focus both designs.)



Logo size should not be more than 1/3 of art board size dimension and easily visible to everyone for custom logo design service.



Scaling for custom logo design service

While that there should be proper scaling between the designs. If a logo consist of two designs elements then both should have same size.


So that in a logo there should a proper layout between logo shape, typography and slogan for custom logo design service.

Design balance 

Hence normal eye can focus a design in specific area if add other design in that area. Then no one can focus the logo creativity. So that there should be balance between the designs by adding space between them for custom logo design service.

Visit our sports-wear-kit-designing-services and tech pack design page..



Custom logo design service samples

logo design
abstract clean logo
logo design
clothing logo design



Service reviews by potential customers



Logo designed by Smith Andrew
Customer Words

Logo designed by Smith Andrew

Its really nice to work with wassy apparels team. i get complete satisfaction and better to work with this professional team other than different platforms. They completely mapped my mind to design logo. I recommend this team i prefer to work with them next time.

Floral Artwork designed by Mr. David
Customer Words

Floral Artwork designed by Mr. David

Its good to see and i get more sales with this design. I love this team members. They completely translate my point of determination. If you can imagine they will translate that. Ready to put more orders here and expect more luxury response.

Patterns designed by LInna
Customer Words

Patterns designed by LInna

Better service…….get perfect sleeve fittings….. perfect size…….perfect fashion accessories. Ease allowance and seam margins are perfect and i get perfect garment size after heat press process. Thank you ..nice to work with you.

CLO 3D model designed by Gordon
Customer Words

CLO 3D model designed by Gordon

Model working good. Print design detected by model as i upload in tool kit. Model have great look using my production patterns and Export setting was right. Female version is also good.



Can you recreate my logo design?

Yes, we will recreate your logo and it depends upon your previous work. After looking your previous work we will quote you. We will convert your JPEG or PNG logo to Vector from.

What is your MOQ to design logo?

We also offer single logo design as well as quantity will increase you get discount.

How can i contact you?

You can contact us live chat, submit request as well as contact via Contact us page.



Submit services request

Know more about design elements

How to design professional business logo

Professional business logo is such a creative task that requires complete attention, complete analysis and market and relevant industry analysis to design logo. Everyone should understand steps and get relevant logo design described below.

– Firstly decide business name
– Secondly decide the logo style and category (check out logo shop)
– Thirdly collect the color preferences
– Then decide the target audience of company or brand
– After that Font style
– Decide the portion of logo from modern to classic
– Brain storming for logo inspiration

Custom logo design service support follows

So that to make error free logo we follow design elements and follow principle.


( While that typography is important part to logo for writing the brand name and slogan)


(Color cannot be forget while design because every profession use their own color representation)



(While that line is also part of logo because line is part of every shape)


( Hence every logo have specific shape to present its message)


( Although without angels shapes cannot be complete. For example a square shape consist of 4 lines having 90 degree angel between them) So that if we miss one of any element then logo will be incomplete. Best logo follow all the elements with proper proportion.