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savages in the box t shirt

In the apparel designing or fashion field, Design t shirt plays the vital role to cover the body. So that from all of the dresses we cannot forget the importance and presence of design t shirt. However it may be tight fit or loss fit and may be a top. So that as the time passing gradually the graphic design t shirt increase the beauty of design t shirt. Now as the graphics look good as well as savages in the box t shirt looks good. By reading the complete article you can design easily savages in the box t shirt.

Now in this article we talk in details about, How to design savages in the box t shirt completely. What principle should adopt to make attractive shirt. However we also look, how to take in-depth inspirations to brainstorm the design. Also learn, how many types of shirt can be design with respect to graphics. Hence we never forget to talk about how a design t shirt design becomes more viral and high cost. After reading complete article and video description tutorial you will get enough knowledge how to start design t shirt business.

T shirt design tutorial latest 2020

1. How to design t shirt

Hence before starting I just quote a true words “if you learn then it’s easy and if you don’t then a very simple thing would be so difficult”. So just follow these steps to design any shirt. And every steps described in details.

– Firstly Create project
-Secondly Inspirations
– Thirdly Organize inspirations
-After that Thumbnail sketching
-Create basic shape
-Type the writing
-Organize the typing in design
-Refine complete design
-Sizing the graphics
-Select the pantone color
-Setting up spec sheet
-Sending up to print

1.1 Create project for savages in the box t shirt

Hence to start designing it’s necessary to create project in designing software. Like adobe illustrator create new file in it. So create project just means to create new file to start project.

create project t shirt
create project

1.2 Inspirations for savages in the box t shirt

Hence every shirt design have specific meanings and have its own design history. While that even to put a simple dot in a design have some meanings. So that to make any design, inspirations plays vital role to make it best. So we can get inspirations from different designing websites like “pinterest” and “wassyapparels”.

Design for inspirations  for t shirt
Design for inspirations

1.3 Organize inspirations for savages in the box t shirt

While that to prepare design it’s necessary to organize the ideas that took from inspirations. However we look many designs same time, to make a single design. So that always fetch meaningful idea from different designs and organize it.

1.4 Thumbnail sketching for savages in the box t shirt

When you see different designs for inspirations then you look one element attractive from one design. So that Different design have different attractive elements. Hence pic that design element and that process called thumbnail sketching. However don’t copy the design just take inspiration and draw your own design.

thumbnail sketch  for t shirt
thumbnail sketch

1.5 Create basic shape for savages in the box t shirt

However you collect all about inspirations and make brainstorm regarding your design. Then create the basic shape for your design.

basic shape for t shirt design
basic shape

1.6 Type the text

However look different font styles and select the font for your design. Then write the text that you want to add in design. For example I have to add three words at different positions then write separately that words.

1.7 Organize the typing in design

Hence place the word at desired position in design.

organize words
organize words in design

1.8 Refine complete design for savages in the box t shirt

SO that now completely organize the designs that you want to print.

1.9 Sizing the graphics for savages in the box t shirt

Hence we cannot forget about sizing of design. So that normal size used for design t shirt graphics is A4 size. But it’s not necessary we have to design at same size. Because for baby design t shirt size must be change and for extra-large, size must be change. Always design with respect to customer demand and if it’s up to you then your approach should that. Every eye should focus your design easily. Hence you can add your creativity for size selection for design to focus.

1.10 Select the pantone color for savages in the box t shirt

While that color selection have important role in designing. Always use color with respect to customer demand. If it’s up to you then use solid color for screen printing. And select the color from solid color pantone. Hence there are no limitation for color selection for sublimation printer and direct to garment printing.

color selection
color selection

1.11 Setting up spec sheet for savages in the box t shirt

When you have to print the design and send your artwork to printer then it’s necessary to show what colors used in the design in the form of spec sheet. Place the hex code of every color in different file and send it to the customer. When you select the color from color panel the hex code show below each color.

color code for spec sheet
hex code for spec sheet

1.12 Sending up to print

So that now your design is ready and send for printing.

2. Design savages in the box t shirt graphics size

However without understanding sizing we cannot design graphics shirt accurately. So that in graphics t, always adopt the approach that design should be easy to focus. So normal A4 size used to make graphics shirt. But always fulfill customer demand.

3. Types of design t shirt

However graphics shirts designs categories in different types that describes below:

– Firstly Typography Shirt

While that design t shirt graphics consist of different words with different font styles.

– Secondly Pictorial shirt design

However in which a graphics contains the picture as a main part of design.

– Thirdly Logo design

However in which design t shirt contains the logo of any brand and mostly used for promotions of brand.

– After that Abstract design

-That type of design shows complete design background history and objective of design. For example mother’s day design shows its objective background of history of the day.

4. savages in the box t shirt design principal

Hence as we have need design elements as well as we also have to follow the design principle to put its effort to make attractive.


(SO that chose effective color contrast. If background is light then design should be dark and vice versa. Tip: don’t chose such a contrast that hide or fade your design.


( However logo should be align with respect to art board (Should be at center) and should be align with respect to logo shape to logo word. Exact alignment provides best positioning to logo.


Hence there should be balance repetition of any design elements.


( So that there should be Balance of design to space ratio. If a design contain two elements then spacing between them should be enough that a normal human eye can focus both designs.)


Logo size should not be more than 1/3 of art board size dimension and easily visible to everyone.


While that there should be proper scaling between the designs. If a logo consist of two designs elements then both should have same size.


So that in a design there should a proper layout between logo shape, typography and slogan.

Design balance

Hence normal eye can focus a design in specific area if add other design in that area. Then no one can focus the logo creativity. So that there should be balance between the designs by adding space between them.

5. Luxury color hex code for savages in the box t shirt

Colors have most important role while make a logo. So that as colors would luxury as well as design would be luxury and attractive. Hence color selection should always be meaningful. So here are some luxury color with hex code for logo.


6. Add attractive font for savages in the box t shirt

While font style in logo provides the effective look to logo. So designing software have its own font style. But if you want to add creative font design then you can download the font and add into software. Hence download it from www.dafont.com and how to add the font in illustrator describe in this website (learn adobe illustrator) completely.

7. High cost design of savages in the box t shirt

However a highly cost logo have an extra hard work that makes it very costly. However that logo inspiration derived from natural designing, real stories, by use of pen tool and each part of logo shows a story behind it. Hence by using that skills logo as magic to attract viewers.

8. Printing types of t shirt design

So that there are different ways to print out a shirt to make it best.

-Screen printing

Hence in this types of printing method different screens made with respect to colors. As number of colors increase as well as screens and cost of shirt increases. Screen is a fiber board that open at some places and block at some places. When put ink over that, it passes from open area built a shape a design t shirt with single color. Then place second screen of other color and build shape of that color over previous color and so on until design complete. In this method we cannot add more colors due to cost effective factor.

-Sublimation printing

While in that method there are no color limitations. However design print over specific print media and place that print sheet over clothes and transfer over clothes by heat.

-Direct to garment print

While that by using that method design print over clothes with direct contact with printer, same like print at paper.

9. savages in the box t shirt material

Hence these printing method apply over mainly two clothing materials that are

– Firstly Cotton (for screen print and direct to garment)
-Secondly Polyester cotton (for sublimation)

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