Tanktop pattern

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Tanktop Pattern

Tanktop Pattern Size: UK Medium (14 – 16) (Size in picture)

Size Fits For: EU M (42-44)/US S (10-12) (Size in picture)

Features included at buy: Tanktop style (fit, long)|Latest bodies style (shoulder shift)|AI (adobe illustrator) Source File|File extension (PS(Full Layer Supported), PDF, SVG)|unlimited revisions (Extra editing for 5-days)|2 grading size|Custom editing support Or Query (infowassy@gmail.com) See Description below.

Get pattern and print file discount package. Contact to support for your on demand cut sew sublimation print ready file of pattern with your custom sewing design.

Get creative design and make healthy and safe relation

Step 1: Pay and send your custom size detail of pattern and print file data (vector or raster) at support email.

Step 2: Support will contact with your custom pattern size. (If you send email)

Step 3: Support will be with you for unlimited revisions(editing).

Edit pattern with your custom sizes and get unlimited revisions with in 5-days. Get AI to EPS conversion support.

Get unlimited revisions to make custom editing with Tanktop pattern file. Test and edit pattern with respect to your fashion clothes.

Get Tanktop grading sizes of S|M|L|XL|XXL with respect to your package. Contact to support and arrange custom package.

Tanktop pattern steps description

  • Step 1: In the first step select the package and pay. After that send your size details that used for pattern making send at support email (infowassy@gmail.com). Also send your artwork for print file if you purchase pattern + print file. Moreover you can get help with our international sizes Men sizes Women sizes.
  • Step 2: In second step with respect to your provided size and art work support will ready your order and contact to you with your order in 48 hours. If support require any information then it will contact to you. You can also make contact with support and get order information.
  • Step 3: In this step support will be with you for 5-days to make any custom editing if you require any.

Final size developed by pattern

Garment size develop by the pattern
Chest circumference (inches)Height(inches)
Clothing size developed by pattern

Garment Final View

Final Tanktop develop by using the patterns that may be half sleeve and may be full sleeve.

Tanktop pattern use

Sportswear pattern drafting-Street wear pattern drafting-Leisure wear pattern .etc cad pattern- wrap top clothing fabric cut sew pattern

tanktop pattern
Sublimation tanktop patterns
tanktop pattern
tanktop pattern
Final pattern view

Tanktop print file pattern instruction

  • File type must be for printing (CMYK).
  • Resolution must be 300 dpi or above.
  • Send file in different formats (ai,eps,pdf) to customers.
  • Convert all text and types into shapes (Because fonts are not shapes).
  • Design base graphics up to bleed area and other graphics should be under green or safe area of pattern (Recommended: Area that human eye easily focus able).
  • Remove all the instructions before printing.
  • Save the art work in PNG format (For other file make file in JPEG like DTG, Embroidery).
  • Keep all the strokes off while sending to printer.
  • Mark all the instruction and title all the labels (Size, front, back, logos, etc.).
  • Printing instruction: Enable the option of invert before start printing.
  • All pattern area should be fill out no raw fabric should empty (because raw fabric gives bad impression that’s why full bleed pics and designs gives good looks).
  • Always use color pallet for best color correction.

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